Well-being (Wellness) for more vitality and enjoyment

Aroma indulgence is the new magic word when it comes to well-being.

The term WELLNESS can be most closely translated with welfare (Well-being and Happiness). This refers to the unity of body, mind and soul. Especially in today’s hectic times, wellness is becoming more and more important. People yearn to relax and to find inner peace.


 Well-beingRelaxation and well-being is based on 4 pillars:

  1. healthy eating habits,
  2. enough exercise,
  3. care and relexation,
  4. fresh air and nature.





We are showering with WELLNESS. And you?

Aroma SPA Shower Head with Vitamin C

If you want to get an extra piece of Wellness in your own four walls, you should invest in a shower with aroma fragrance.

The unique shower head with the aromatherapy effect will bring you a mini-SPA vacation directly to your bathroom.

The Aroma Shower Head Professional is a premium shower head with vitamin C enrichment. People experience an improvement on skin and hair. With its aromatherapy effect and countless negative ions it is a veritable fountain of youth for body, soul and spirit.

Even chlorine, bacteria and other harmful substances can be almost completely eliminated by intelligent filter technology.



How a simple shower can become a very special experience !



Aroma SPA Shower Head Professional

Just smell it …

The shower water is softly flavored.

A soothing fragrance spreads throughout the room.

The scent of lemon refreshes and caresses your senses.

Feel and experience it …

Shower as in a silky waterfall.

Enjoy the cozy, comforting feeling on your skin.

Feel completely relaxed.

Experience silky beautiful skin and hair.


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