Aroma SPA Shower Head

AROMA SPA Shower Head with Vitamin C

Aroma Spa Shower Head Professional  

This shower head is a high-tech product of the latest generation.

By default, the Spa Shower Head Professional comes with 1x aroma gel filter Oriental Sunrise (Lemon) and 1x Micofabric Filter.

The model PROFESSIONAL  has a shower plate with a diameter of 80 mm.


The main features at a glance:

Modern shower head that convinces

Aroma SPA Shower Head

Aroma SPA Shower HeadAroma SPA Shower Head Professional

  • attractive, stylish design
  • resistant, lightweight plastic, fully chrome plated
  • stainless steel spray plate
  • fits on any standard shower hose
  • easily disassembled into parts
  • spare parts can be purchased
  • easy cleaning and disinfection
  • easy to install, easy filter change

Directly to our offers:

Aroma Spa Shower Head

Our products have Green Key status,

Luxury that makes sense –

Go Green – GREEN KEY

  • durable shower head, spare parts are available
  • Water and energy saving
  • Consumption rate 8.5 liters / min.  On request 6-7 liters / min. possible

Scent that tickles the senses –

Aroma Spa Shower Head

Aroma Gel Filter Oriental Sunrise (Lemon) with Vitamin C

The Aroma Gel-Filter

  • Vitamin C  (0,9 mg/L)
  • Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxydant, skin improvement
  • has an aromatherapy effect
  • removes chlorine reliable to 98% from tap water
  • shower water is free of bacteria, heavy metals and chlorine
  • contains nourishing substances such as dextrin, lactose, pectin
  • pleasant, fresh scent
  • enough for about 6,000 liters of water
Aroma Spa Shower Head

Patented shower plate for more pressure and natural water ionization.

Water Treatment – As under a waterfall –

The anti-bacterial ceramic balls and
the patented spray plate

  • the water jet spa shower is soft and gentle
  • determines a stimulating shower experience
  • Ceramic balls have an antibacterial effect
  • patented spray plate made of stainless steel – durable and easy to clean
  • triangular holes (patented spray plate); accelerates the water
  • reduces the size of the individual water drops
  • unique silky water jet
  • creates anions,  respectively negative ions (421.000/ccm)
  • Micro-fleece filter helps to keep particles back (e.g. rust)
  • increases the water pressure to 1.5 times
  • reduced water consumption by about 20 ~ 25 %

Have fun with your Aroma SPA Shower Head Professional!

Aroma SPA Shower Head

Please note:

For people with an allergy to fragrance, we recommend to use only the Aroma Gel Filter Neutral (without scent, only Vitamin C). In case of an extremely rare Vitamin C allergy, the aroma filter may not be used at all. The shower  head stays functional without the gel filter (but then: no vitamin C, no aroma, no chlorine removal available).