Aroma Filter

AROMA FILTER, a pleasure for all senses


The aroma gel revitalizes and refreshes during every shower. Enjoy the experience of a Spa quality shower with fine citrus flavor or a variety of other flavors (such as rose, lavender etc.)  and vitamin C – the full power of nature from 3000 lemons!

Aroma Filter

Just take a deep breath and relax!

This aroma gel filters are available in various wonderful fragrances such as Indian Passion, Tropical Inspiration, Oriental Sunrise, Provence Enlightenment and Australian Miracle – hygienically packed in Sets of 3 pieces and can be purchased in our Online Boutique.


This hi-tech gel filter does not just smell pleasant, it also eliminates chlorine, chloramine and other harmful chemicals very effectively (98% !) of the tap water!

Lemon fragrance is also effective for Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxydant and improves skin condition by helping to create collagen.

Helps restore damaged hair, and reduce hair fall.

Even skin problems such as dryness, eczema, psoriasis, itching and even asthma can be positive influenced by the Vitamin C enrichment.

The life span of an aroma gel filter is about 2 month and it depends on the number of use. Usually an aroma gel filter lasts for 109x relaxed showering (about 6,000 liters of water).

Simply put the aroma filter head down into the handle of the Aroma SPA shower head Professional or one of our other models and relax!