Vitamin C

Vitamin C equivalent to 3000 lemons


The pure power of mother nature 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, the power of 3,000 lemons in a single aroma gel filter.

Vitamin C is a biologically condensed natural fragrance, extracted from leaves and stems from lemon trees. These extracts are then stored in form of a gel capsule and released during showering to help maintain your skin smooth, healthy and flexible.




Vitamin CThe test results of the water which runs through the Aroma-Filter shows that 1 ccm³ water contains 1.2 mg Vitamin C.

Collagen is produced and this protects your skin from damage. Hence, the skin texture can be significantly improved. The Aroma Spa Shower Head Professional can even help prevent topics like dermatitis, itch, eczema and asthma.

In addition, the aroma gel filter acts as a neutralizer (up to 98%) for chlorine components in the water.

This is particularly interesting when chlorine is in the water or after visiting a swimming pool, which uses chlorine for disinfection.

The Aroma Spa Shower Head in combination with the aroma gel filter ensures a pleasant shower experience at any time.