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Aroma SPA shower head PROFESSIONAL and Gel Filter

This patented technology has been brought together in one product, which gives people a unique, wonderful spa feeling. The best way to test the product benefits yourself, would be to stand with an Aroma SPA Shower Head PROFESSIONAL under your shower.

„The water feels so incredibly silky and the aroma smells so soothing and refreshing, that I feel completely relaxed in just a minute.“ That is what customers tell us after having a spa shower in use.

But how did we get there, to trigger such enthusiasm?

Read below, what features and benefits the Aroma SPA Shower Head offers.

6 great benefits combined in one device as follows:



Negative Ions

Generating 421,000 pcs/cc Negative ions.

Thanks to a patented triangle spray plate hole, it can generate foggy shower mist, and 421,000 pcs/ cc negative ions by chopping the water drops into extremely small pieces.

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Vitamine C

Providing Vitamine C.
0.6 ~ 1.2mg/cc vitamine C is released in the water during showering. Supply Vitamin C equivalent to 3,000 Lemons. Help to prevent skin trouble and make your skin more smoother and hair silkier.

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With aroma fragrance and Vitamin C enriched in the same way that herbal medicine is compounded, it has an aromatherapy-effect emanating the aroma fragrance delicately during the shower.

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Saving Water– Saving Costs

Increasing water pressure and reducing water consumption.

Thanks to the patented water spray plate hole, it saves water by ~25% (36,000 litres in a year) and enhance water pressure by 1.5 times compared with a regular shower head. You can also enjoy a Spa Massage Effect like showering in a waterfall.

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Chlorine Free Shower

Neutralize 98% of the chlorine from the tap water.

The Vitamin C added to the aroma gel filter, enables to neutralize Trihalomethane and residual chlorine in the tap water.

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Easy Maintenance

Quick to disassemble. Easy to clean and disinfect.

The design allows changing defective parts quickly and at low costs. All parts (except the Gel Filter) can be cleaned in a dishwasher. All AROMA SPA products fit into a regular shower hose. The shower heads are long-lasting and spare parts are available. Easy to install and to replace the filter.

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