Negative Ions

Showering like under a waterfall

Negative Ions

Negative Ions

Because of the triangular hole shape of the Aroma SPA shower head plate, the watermolecules are split into extremely small particles and through that about 421,000 negative ions / ccm³ are created.

The triangular hole shape of the spray plate (Patent No. 0562076), increases the water pressure and creates more negative ions, than a regular spray plate with round holes.



What actually are negative ions or positive ions?

negative ionsThere, where sufficient negative oxygen ions are in the air, man, animals and plants feel comfortable and are full of vigor and growth. An ideal ratio in the atmosphere would be 60% negative ions and 40% positive ions.

In nature, these ions are produced by cosmic radiation and radioactive sources in the soil and in the air, by electrical discharges or short-wave UV light.

Healthy for humans are so-called “light” air ions, which usually consist of negatively charged oxygen molecules that can attach themselves to water droplets and then attain particularly high concentration and therefore offer medicinal efficacy. This is referred to as an electroaerosol.

The Aroma SPA shower head Professional produces negative ions through the “Lenard Effect” which is created by the triangular spray holes from the shower plate. The effect is created when water molecules are applied to oxygen or carbon dioxide through the friction between a surface of the water and the colliding water, thus generating negative ions along the way. The Aroma SPA shower head Professional produces up to 421,000 pcs/cc (equivalent to a waterfall). Negative ions have been scientifically proven to relieve stress, increase blood flow, balance pH, and improve breathing.


Is there an ideal amount of ions to the human body?

Extensive studies with hundreds of thousands of people in Asia suggest that a supply of large quantities negative ion has a strong effect on many processes of the organism.

Among other things, the long-term inhalation of negative ions help to bring oxygen more efficent to the cells of the body.

This effect would occur on a daily shower under a waterfall or when showering with an Aroma SPA Shower Head Professional on a daily basis.

It is interesting that about 85% of the ions are taken over not only over the breath, but also over the skin.

By showering with an Aroma SPA Shower Head Professional several advantages can be covered at once. Thanks to the patented spray plate with the triangular holes, the shower water is broken down into tiny water drops, resulting in a fine water mist and the emergence of 421,000pcs / ccm3 negative ions.

While showering, the skin refuels negative ions through the air and through the pore. In the blood stream the negative ions accelerate the transport of oxygen to the cells and tissues. This strengthens the immune system of the body.

The Aroma SPA shower head Professional helps to harmonize the air ionic electrical field and this has a long term effect on the well-being.

A few good reasons to install an Aroma Spa Shower Head in the bathroom today, right?


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