Chlorine Free

Chlorine free shower

Water purification system, that eliminates residual chlorine effectively.

As the water passes through the shower head filter, fine amounts of Vitamin C and aroma gel are released into the water. As a result, chlorine and other contaminants are removed by 98% from the tap water and any unpleasant odour disappear completely. In fact, the Aroma SPA shower head Professional generates 421,000 anion / cc (negative ions) – 100 times more than in the air near a waterfall can be measured.






master isolated images

master isolated images

Comprehensive water purification system

Like we already learned, the natural vitamins C removes chlorine and chloramine by 98 % from tap water. By removing chlorine from the water, the water is getting more soft and hair will break off less. The amount of shampoo for hair washing can be remarkably reduced. Dyed hair retains its color brilliance longer and the scalp remains vital and healthy.

Vitamins C removed the free and combined chlorine. The use of vitamin C (l-Ascorbinesäure; sodium Ascorbaat) as a filter system in the shower is extremely effective and produces excellent results without burdening the nature and the environment unnecessarily. Vitamins C (Ascorbinesäure) is since a few years used in the AWWA- (American Water Works Association) as a standard procedure for dechlorination of tap water.

There is also a tourmaline ceramic balls filter integrated in the shower head, which removes bacteria of the the water.

Bacteria do not longer have a chance to breed, due to the vitamin C content in the shower water.

The additional non-woven filter removes pollutants and rust before the water flows through the spray plate.

Thus, the water that flows trough the Aroma SPA Shower Head PROFESSIONAL is chlorine-free and without strain of bacteria and heavy metals.

The vitamins C gel filter works reliably at all water temperatures below 60 degrees.


Feel wonderful, while going GREEN!