Air Refinement (Air Design)

AIR DESIGN – the new Dimension in Space

Our business line AROMA Sensation offers olfactory advice or Air Design B2B and also to interested private households.

Independent studies of well known institutions prove, what we ourselves have already suspected:


“With a pleasant fragrance in the air, the appearance of a room,
the quality of products and services, the friendliness and competence of people
is rated higher, than in places where this is not the case.”


No wonder that the use of scent is more and more common and famous labels, but also the doctor’s office around the corner and people in their own home are using the power of fragrances to create atmosphere.



Air Design

A room without a pleasant smell, is like a film without music.

Was does Air Refinement (Air Design) mean?

Briefly summarized, fragrances are used to influence the behavior and attitudes of people in a direct way. Another goal is to underline the room design (color, style, architecture, furnishings, etc.) with olfactory accents.

Fragrances are capable to bring people in a matter of seconds into a state of well-being. Scents are also able to influence and affect their thinking, behavior and actions.

Therefore fragrances are particularly well-suited as an innovative tool to increase the humans well-being, to strengthen a brand, to promote product sales, for active customer retention and last but not least for nonverbal communication!

Carefully chosen, they can make a strong, positive connection to your company and your brand. This impression will remain above the initial contact.


For which industries and areas is Air Design making sense?

Fragrance or AROMA Sensation knows no boundaries! Wherever customers, guests, patients – generally people or staff should feel comfortable – there makes the use of  a pleasant scent sense.

Air Design


With Air Design you can:

  • create awareness
  • increase well-being of people
  • increase the retention and communication
  • promote customer loyalty
  • make a difference compared to other businesses
  • elevate the purchase probability and thus increase your sales
  • strengthen your brand


About 80% of today’s marketing campaigns are visually oriented. The other senses such as touch, taste, smell and hearing are rarely addressed. But did you know, that our emotions are affected by smell by incredible 75%? Air Design is exactly taking care about those 75%.

A well-tuned, subtle fragrance

  • is lifting the mood
  • improves well-being
  • gives a sense of its “Home”


That means

  • the average length of stay increases
  • the enjoyment intensifies
  • the desire to consume rises
  • the openness towards new things increases
  • positive associations are made (better quality, quality products / great services, etc.)
  • the smell combines with the experience
  • the desire to repeat the experience increases



Air DesignHere are a few applications and the potential effect of fragrances:

Inspire. In exhibitions, showrooms, museums.
Calm down. In waiting areas of hotels, hospitals, emergency rooms, clinics, public facilities.
Stimulate. Showrooms, gyms.
Animate. Schools, learning situations, meetings.
Activate. Product presentations, seminars, meetings.
Appetize. In restaurants, bars, supermarkets.
Relax. Wellness / SPA, hotel rooms, rest rooms, yoga studios, maternity hospitals.
Neutralize. Changing rooms, smoking lounge, fitness rooms, sports halls, warehouses.

Air Design demands with regard to its complexity (every situation, every building is different) a serious advice.

Challenge us to make the most out of your space! We will offer you a tailored solution.