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Ecologically showering

Taking a shower can hardly been thought away from everyday life: some people take a shower in the morning to start into their day well or to wake up, while others are taking a shower in the evening to sleep well.

On hot days, many also like to take a shower several times a day, and after sporting activities, the shower is a must. When it comes to energy conservation, many people think only of reducing heating, to reduce the costs and consumption.

However, a large factor can also be to reduce water consumption during showering.

But how much water and energy is consumed approximately during one single shower?



Commercially available Shower Head versus Aroma SPA Shower Head PROFESSIONAL


Commercial Shower Head

Aroma Spa Shower Head PROFESSIONAL

Function Shower Chlorine-free shower, Vitamin C Filter, Aromatherapy, Water savings
Dechlorination No Yes to 98%
Water Flow 16 liter / minute 8,5 liter /minute~9.5 liter /minute
Aromatherapy No Yes
Water ionization 136.000/ccm 421.000/ccm

Energy conservation with ECO-friendly water-saving function

Because the hole shape of the Aroma SPA shower head Professional plate is triangular, water pressure is increased to about 1.5 times greater than what other shower heads can deliver. The Aroma SPA showers produce 40km/h compared to other shower heads which offer only 25km/h (Patent No. 0562076).

By the use of the Aroma SPA Shower Head Professional 36,000 liters of water can be saved per year on average compared to a commercial shower head.

This means a considerable heating cost and CO² reduction during the heating of water.

How much you can save by using an Aroma SPA Shower head Professional depends on several factors.


How much water does your shower head consume?

To find out how much water your shower head is consuming, you should perform a simple test. All you need is a bucket, or a vessel with a volume label. Also take a clock with a second hand to help.

Now take the shower head, turn the water on and fill the bucket up to a certain mark (e.g. 10 liter). When this is accomplished, you immediately stop the time and note down the time used.

Now you see the time in seconds (e.g. 45 seconds) that was needed to fill the vessel up to the desired mark with water. Now you can easily calculate how many liters per minute run through your shower head.


The formula for the water flow test:

60 (seconds in a minute) x 10 (liter – mark on your bucket) / 45 (measured time in sec) = 13,33 liter miles miles



Thus, your shower head would consume 13,33 liter  of water in a minute.  This would not be optimal.

A relatively economical shower head would use up 10 liter of water in a minute. So you could significant reduce your costs.

The Aroma SPA Shower Head Professional  consumes an average 8.5 l / min.




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