Organic Odor Control

Organic Odor Control – unnecessary luxury or useful?

Smelling happens to 95% unconsciously and can´t be avoided.

Therefore, the effective organic odor neutralization is not an invention of intelligent marketing experts, but a necessity that is gaining more and more attention.

People think often that the air in their indoor areas smells neutral, but that´s most of the time not really the case.

Carpets, furniture, products, walls, textiles etc. as well as living beings (humans, pets etc.) have their own odors and inform the surrounding air around the clock.

In rooms where many people come together, the air can often be experienced as getting “thick” and “to cut”.


Consequences of bad odors

The concentration of such bad odors does not need to be massive to have negative effects on a physiological level.

Already a few bad odor molecules in the air can increase aggression or decline peoples performance and motivation.

Bad odors (warning signals), which are inhaled, effect people on an unconscious level and can influence their well-being (they might feel uncomfortable and uneasy).

Bad smells can trigger nausea or lead into dislike and disgust.  All this negativity is causing discomfort and stimulates people to escape out of the “dangerous” zone.

Discussions or sales processes are stopped or the atmosphere is so tense that no positive results can be achieved.

Enough reason to pay more attention to “bad odors” and to take care about an organic neutralization.


Overview of some bad odor

  • nicotine, tobacco, smoke
  • waste
  • gray
  • mustiness
  • Sanitary odors (urine etc.)
  • sweat and other body odors
  • nitrogen, sulfur
  • chemical vapors (for example paints, varnishes etc.)
  • smell of burning
  • Pets odor (for example dogs, cats)


Odor Neutralization

First neutralize and then ad decent fragrance accents of your choice.

The power of fragrances

Pleasant smells can positively influence our emotions and increase general well-being. Studies have shown that the efficiency rises in spaces where a pleasant fragrance is used.

Positive odors are able to stimulate and motivate. The survey results show that even an increase of creativity can be measured.


When using essential oils (pure organic products) even germs and microorganisms can be reduced or fully eliminated from air. This results in better health and e.g. companies with open-plan offices or working areas (hotel lobbies)  can save money (decrease the number of days missed because of sickness).


Organic neutralization – how does it work?

Bad odors can be neutralized by using a natural substance that is fully organic and that is capable to bind bad odors. By changing the molecule structure the bad odors are falling apart.

If wished, the air can now be designed (Air Design) with natural fragrances that simulates body, soul and mind of living beings. This process requires intuition and experience.  Bad odors are perceived by people as unpleasant, but “walls of fragrances” as well.

Therefore, our approach is not “more helps more” but “less is more”.


What is the added value?

In a nutshell, active bad odor management means locate problem areas and eliminate stress by using organic neutralization.

Only then, the picture shown against the outside (branding) will transport the value of a product or of premises to visitors, clients and staff the way it matches with the desired company appearance.

The well-being of the people is fundamental to the success of a company or an institution.

Besides cleanliness people values pleasant air in a room with the second highest priority.

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